Take Ownership of Your Democracy.

Help build a more participatory and inclusive democracy for all.


The Organization

Democracy Entrepreneurs exists to support the growing number of dynamic, committed and patriotic leaders who are leading organizations to improve the scaffolding of our democracy and enable broader civic and grassroots participation. Our focus is to support promising leaders and organizations in this space across a variety of issue areas like campaign finance reform, electoral process fairness, voter engagement, revitalizing civic life and healthy media. Our aim is to provide “wind in the sails” of those leaders who will revive our democracy today and help make it more inclusive, fair, equitable and just. We also want to facilitate organizations working together in coalitions for shared learning, collective impact, systems change and movement building.

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What is a Democracy Entrepreneur?

A democracy entrepreneur is a leader and relentless, pragmatic, visionary who uses innovative, entrepreneurial techniques, approaches and solutions to address a challenge in our democracy and/or advance reform, to promote equity and enable broader, more inclusive, active participation.


How it Works

Democracy Entrepreneurs has been built to accelerate the movement

  • Equip promising Democracy Entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed

  • Connect leaders though the Democracy Entrepreneurs Network (DEN)

  • Reframe the democracy conversation through a locally-relevant Democracy Index


Take Action

The rise of democracy entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting movements our country has seen in decades of democratic decline. Join us is advocating for a more participatory and inclusive democracy for all.


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We are a not-for-profit entity funded by donations from our supporters. We also receive grants from philanthropic organizations. For more information, please contact us at